For providing relief and remedial measures to the Victims, the problem to be addressed in various level viz-
Policy, Health, Social, Environmental etc.

I. Policy Level.

1. Full implementation of the ban of Endosulfan in the district.
2. Phase out chemical pesticides in the district in five years.
3. Declare Kasaragod as an organic district.
4. Develop and implement community based organic certification and local standards.

II. Health Level.

1. To conduct a comprehensive and individual data generation by door to door survey in each panchayath and establish data base.
2. Perform an analysis based on the data generated to identify the diseased and healthy for initiating welfare measures.
3. Identify and categorize diseases and a treatment protocol by consultation, counseling, case study analysis and interpreting the different system of treatment.
4. Establish a continuing Medical assistance system.
5. Establish a disease surveillance system with both short and long term screening.
6. Establish a community based monitoring, long term and palliative care and redressal system with the support of Medical Colleges.
7. Special Schools/Special education for the mentally challenged shall be established.
8. Special remediation system in Schools/Anganawadies shall be established to take care of the Endosulfan affected children.
9. Day care centres shall be established with trained volunteers at cluster level.
10. Medical Aids for Physically challenged affected people- Hearing aids, walking aids etc.
11. Providing drugs continuously for the patients with chronic, illness (for those require long term treatment).
12. A special Endosulfan survivor’s Medical care credit card to be established to cover the treatment.
13. Special assistance to be given to mothers with seriously affected children.
14. A special programme for care givers shall be established in the locality. Care givers are the parents/elders siblings of seriously affected children. These are the people who are to look after the sick children, some time for very long periods and these care givers may also need to be taken care off with relief measures.
15. Special measures for rehabilitation of orphaned survivors to be established.
16. Financial compensation shall be paid for all deaths and serious illnesses.
17. Special assessments of ailments and problems affecting women to be sensitively carried out and remedial measures to be established.
18. Conduct health assessment and establish relief measures to PCK workers.
19. Supplementing nutritional deficiencies through time bound relief measure locally made food with involvement of SH

III. Social Level

1. The Social economic conditions of the affected victims to be assessed and necessary relief to be provided.
Many of the affected victims live in very poor living conditions with no access to basic amenities and are sometimes even- houseless and without access to any sources of income etc. These matters ad to the pain of the victims and need to be mitigated.
2. Interventions in the affected population to change their depressed state of mind-
3. Vocational training and lively hood Rehabilitation- for differently abled children and youth.Import training on sustainable lively hood options which are ecofriendly and also have a good market.
4. Monthly financial support scheme for the affected and their dependendents.
5. Livelihood Rehabilitation and empowerment through skill training, management training, enterprise development and planning and marketing support.
6. Create action plan for converting existing farm land to organic farms.

IV. Environmental

1. Periodical monitoring and assessment – water, soil, food, flora and fauna- to document change and levels of tonicity.
2. Research in remediation systems- and developing community based monitoring of public health and environment indicators
3. Awareness building leading towards pesticide free district- through public campaign.
4. Revival of midland-hills and ecosystems of Kasaragod district.
5. Watershed based revival of biodiversity in PCK land and common lands.The relief and remediation activities need to be implemented in the district for at least 30 years based on a long term vision and it is hoped that it would renders health and environmental justice and relief among the affected people. It would also be reminders to the future that such disasters must be avoided at whatever cost in the name of humanity.