Endosulfan - Fact sheet and Answers to common questions - An IPEN Working Group project
(A comprehensive fact sheet on endosulfan produced by Thanal (India), 2004) : Fact sheet - pdf
End of the Road for Endosulfan - A Call for action against a dangerous pesticide ( A summary report by the Environmental Justice Foundation, London,UK, 2002) : Report - pdf
Long Term Monitoring  - The Impact of pesticides on the people and eco-system - Part II Report( Preliminary Findings of the survey on the impact of aerial spraying of endosulfan on the people and ecosystem in Kasaragod, Kerala, India by Thanal (India),2002) : Report - pdf
Endosulfan poisoning in Kasaragod, Kerala, India - Report of a fact finding mission (A report by Dr Romeo F Quijano for the Pesticide Action Network-Asia Pacific, 2002) : Report - pdf
Analysis of samples from Padre village from Kasaragod district of Keralam for endosulfan residues ( A report by Padma S Vankar et al, for the Pesticide Residue Monitoring Study of the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, 2001) : Analysis Report - pdf
Final Report of the investigation of unusual illnesses allegedly produced by endosulfan exposure in Padre village of Kasaragod district ( N.Kerala) (A comprehensive epidemiological reference area study by the National Institute of Occupational Health of the Indian Council for Medical Research, Ahmedabad, 2002) :Health Report - pdf

Health hazards of aerial spraying of endosulfan in Kasaragod district, Kerala (A Comprehensive report of the Expert Committee appointed by the Government of Kerala, 2003. ) : Health Report - pdf

Effect of endosulfan in male reproductive development
(An article by Dr Saiyed et al in the Children's Health Section of the Environmental Health Perspectives, December 2003) : Report - pdf
Reports in the Down To Earth
(Four separate reports in the Down to Earth, a publication of the Centre for Science and Environment. These reports expose the issue as well as the foul play by the government agencies and scientists of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation to help the industry protect their chemical endosulfan from being banned.

Report-Feb2001-pdf Report-July2002-pdf Report-Apr2004-pdf Report-Aug2005-pdf

newsCAPE, April 2005 Issue
(A quarterly newsletter of the Community Action for Pesticide Elimination (CAPE).  This issue talks about the endosulfan issue and its present status in detail.)  : News-pdf

Safeguarding children from pesticide exposure - lessons from the endosulfan tragedy in India
(A presentation by Dr Sukanya et al, at the 3rd ICCHE, London, 2004)
: Presentation - pdf
Children in Kasaragod
(An appeal presentation released by Thanal, 2004
) : Presentation - pdf
Position Paper of Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Asia and the Pacific on Endosulfan : Position paper - pdf